Monday, April 23, 2012

Bondage, Murder and a Boytoy

New Mystery Twists Stereotypes

“Sex in the City meets James Patterson.” Blueink Reviews.

If four men hired and kept a prostitute for their shared use, would that be a surprise? Perhaps not, but four women doing the same thing certainly would be, and provided the inspiration for debut author, Mary Firmin’s thrilling novel, DEADLY PLEASURES. When Megan and her three best friends hire hunky stripper, Michael Harrington, as their time-share Boytoy, they are unaware he is a suspect in a series of bondage murders. Set on the West Coast and Catalina Island, among the yacht clubbing wealthy, the four women find themselves intimately involved, along with their sweet-talking lover and a handsome detective, in the unraveling mystery. But who is the Bondage Murderer? And who will be the next to die? The answer to these questions is only found after a wild ride through L.A.’s private sex clubs, bondage parlors, and the lavish homes and yachts of the rich and famous.

DEADLY PLEASURES by Mary Firmin was praised by Kirkus Reviews, November, 2011. “Firmin’s first novel is a first rate murder mystery.” Further accolades from Kirkus, call it “a swiftly paced tale of lust, seduction, duplicity and horror, that keeps the pages turning.” ForeWord Clarion Review, January 2012, gives DEADLY PLEASURES a “Five out of five stars,” rating, and states, “Firmin writes more like a seasoned storyteller than a debut novelist.” DEADLY PLEASURES also won Editor’s Choice, and Rising Star Awards.

DEADLY PLEASURES by Mary Firmin, available at your booksellers.
ISBN: 978-1-4620-4238-1(SC ISBN)
ISBN: 978-1-4620-4238-8 (HC ISBN
Also available at: Kindle. Nook.

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