Monday, April 23, 2012

Overcoming Life's Challenges

The Definition of Tamara: The Resilient Palm Tree by Tamara Smith

This autobiography/self-help book shares optimism and hope to inspire readers to confidently face each daily challenge that life presents.  While this may be viewed as an eccentric outlook on encountering life’s obstacles, it’s much needed in the somewhat pessimistic world we live in today, the author believes.

Utilizing personal stories and factual information, Tamara Smith discusses such sensitive issues as sexual abuse, domestic violence, and chronic illness, and demonstrates how the use of religion and support systems during periods of extreme stress are the pathway to resiliency.      

 The book is available at:,, and local bookstores in paperback (ISBN13 978-1-4691-6601-8), hard cover (ISBN13 978-1-4691-6602-5) and e-book (ISBN13 978-1-4691-6603-2).

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