Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do You Have a Media Page?

If you have a website for your book, and you should, be sure to create a dedicated media page.

This is where you put your press release (essential to have one) and any media featuring you, such as active links to radio interviews, embedded TV interviews, reviews and so on. As you get more media coverage, you can also create a list of the places you and your book have been covered.

The reason to create such a page is that it makes it easier for journalists to find you and to find out information about you and your book. A few years ago, journalists were surveyed about where they got ideas for stories. About 80% of them said they found story ideas and sources on the web. That was several years ago, it's probably a much higher percentage now.

In addition, having all the relevant information about you and your book in one place makes it easier for journalists to write stories about you, especially when they are on deadline and need to have an answer to a question fast.

Another reason to have a media page is that the more media coverage you have, the more you can get. When journalists see that you already have coverage, they decide you must be an interesting person for them to interview, as well. Fame breads fame.

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