Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Solving Crimes Under Water

Kathy Brandt had wanted to write for a long time. She is an avid mystery reader, a scuba diver and she loves sailing.

So it was only natural that she write mystery books about the water. Not the surface of the water, but below it. Her series of books feature Hannah Sampson, an underwater investigator and homicide detective based in Denver.

Although this may seem a counter-intuitive setting for underwater mysteries, it makes sense because so many such investigations take place in bodies of fresh water.

Brandt had to do a lot of research to make her books technically accurate, including doing underwater invesgiation herself. "Fresh water retrival of evidence is much more difficult than in salt water," Brandt said. "The water is murky, filled with sediment and often very cold."

A former writing teacher at the University of Colorado, her four (so far) Hannah Sampson books were published by NAL/Penguin. They are now available as ebooks.

Bestselling author Clive Cussler has high praise for Brandt:  "A terrific writer. The scene with the sharks inside the aircraft was enough to cause nightmares and using an underwater heroine is admirable."

For more information on her books,visit her website and read her blog

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